Self-sovereign, Decentralised Identity Management and Personal Data Sharing
NOTE: This software is still in development and has not reached a high level of maturity, yet. You are welcome to try it and it would be of great help to us if you report any issues you find.

Step 1: Installation

re:claimID is implemented as part of GNUnet (Recommended version: >=0.12.2).

Currently, we recommend the use of our GNUnet docker image due to the lack of packages.

Docker image:

$ docker run -v $HOME/.local/share/gnunet:/root/.local/share/gnunet -p 7776:7776 -td reclaimid/gnunet-docker

Alpine Linux (edge, testing):

$ apk add gnunet

From source:

Please refer to the GNUnet installation tutorials

Step 2: Browser plugin

You also need to install a browser plugin:

Step 3: Creating your first identity

Almost there. Now try adding a new identity at your local re:claimID instance and add some attributes to it.

Websites supporting re:claimID

To test a login with one of your re:claimID identities, you can go to one of the websites supporting it:


In case you encounter any problems, please check for known issues and report bugs to help us improve re:claimID!